novaPDF Pro
PDF creator for Windows
Download novaPDF now to create high-quality PDF files from any printable document. It's easy, fast and best of all free...
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Backup4all Pro
Data backup software
Can you imagine what would happen if you lost all your data? Avoid nightmares by installing Backup4all to protect your data...
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Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 16.0 | Reviewed on Aug 27, 2015
Cleaning service
I'd rather have named this article as Computer Maintenance, because that's what it actually is but it would have mislead people into thinking this might be some sort of antivirus program. Which it isn't. Instead Norton Utilities is a suite of tools aimed at keeping your desktop clean and tidy.... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: X5 | Reviewed on Aug 26, 2015
The Underdog
Corel WordPerfect has been around since the nineties, but has never actually surpassed the popular Microsoft office suite. Microsoft Word has been the most widely used word processor on Windows machines since ever. Lately though, open source software like Open Office or Libre Office have... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.0 | Reviewed on Aug 21, 2015
Digital hoarding made easier
Most people would agree that backing up your computer data is a good idea. Whether is about sensitive work, films, music or photos making sure they survive in the event of a catastrophe can save you a lot of hurt afterwards. Whatever the case, backup software can get pretty complicated and not... Read full review

Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 2015 | Reviewed on Feb 25, 2015
If Windows tiles aren't enough for you
An antivirus program that looks like a miniature Windows 8 interface has been spotted in the Spanish wilderness. Although the name Panda would suggest a different ancestry, this one is fairly anchored in the European space. Nevertheless this is not relevant in any way. Prevention Panda... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 2.2 | Reviewed on Feb 23, 2015
There have been only a few days since I took a look at another driver updater . That being the case, I was wondering what else could I say about an application that does the same thing. The point being that there's basically no special feature that you could add to such a program to make it... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.7.5a | Reviewed on Feb 20, 2015
Life is frail
You have chosen the most dangerous line of work. Dungeon delving is probably profitable, but it is certainly more dangerous than trading. Your initiation will have you explore a multi-layered dungeon. Coincidentally, this will also be your biggest adventure and most likely your final resting... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 8.31 | Reviewed on Feb 19, 2015
Special Care
A smart Windows user knows that one of the keys of maintaining a fast and functional machine is the registry system. Neglecting a computer's registry is like changing a restaurant's menu without updating the menu booklets. Well, maybe not that catastrophic but it certainly results in a... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 15.02 | Reviewed on Feb 17, 2015
Vitamins & Minerals for your PC
We often times bloat our computers with all sorts of software programs and then we wonder why they run slower and slower. I think I have found a perfect analogy here. Just as you need to stay away from junk food, your computer needs to stay free of code that might slow it down. Also as you need... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.15 | Reviewed on Feb 13, 2015
Cards Against Authority
Space, the final frontier. Well I frankly think that mind or soul might be further along the discovery track. But returning to our subject, here we have a neat card game that has caught the world by storm. My world at least. What do you think about building a space empire, establishing trading... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: Varies with device | Reviewed on Feb 11, 2015
Shopping PDA
Although most people refuse to acknowledge this, the digital revolution has a major disadvantage. Holding a smartphone in one hand and pushing the shopping cart with the other leaves you with few options when needing to check your shopping list. But for all those apps that clutter your mobile... Read full review