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Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.2.7 | Reviewed on Apr 27, 2015
The perfect mix of two pictures
Although some unpretentious image editing programs come with a lot of other features that help organizing a photo library, some do not. Why need browsing panels and batch conversion menus when all you need is to crop your friend out of a photo and put him on a weird background? Photo... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0 | Reviewed on Apr 24, 2015
Refreshingly cool!
Being fed up with racing games over the years has left me completely blind to any release, mobile or otherwise. But browsing today over what new free games might have appeared on Google Play, I stumbled across this little gem. Having played Smash Hit before promised me that these developers know... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.0e | Reviewed on Apr 22, 2015
Accessible professionalism
Purchasing a media package has become quite a rare event in the past years. As professional tools have become subscription based, it appears that the industry is adopting the MMO games model. Luckily for people who do not want a subscription in order to use a video editing program (and neither... Read full review

Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5 | Reviewed on Mar 17, 2015
Keep your spending in check
I sometimes wonder how much I get to spend on different things. It's not that I carelessly throw money out the window (except for the occasional Kickstarter project). Still, having a libertine budget policy makes saving money difficult and keeping tabs on your spending habits nearly impossible.... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0 | Reviewed on Mar 13, 2015
Games can be art
Art can take many forms. Today, when the realm of paintings has been taken over by ridiculously overrated doodles and paint splashes , real art has apparently fled into other fields. There is this standing question of whether video games can be considered forms of art. Although most games can be... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.0.0 | Reviewed on Mar 09, 2015
Partitioning for dummies
Getting a new PC is always a joyous event. Most of the time you get system ready to be put to work (or game), but sometimes you need to do the hard work of installing components, formatting the drive and setting up the operating system. When it's time to do that you need a certain technical... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 36.03 | Reviewed on Mar 06, 2015
Fire and brimstone at your fingertips
People sometimes have fantasies about being godlike. Raising land, growing forests, causing storms, volcanic eruptions and other cataclysmic deeds may be the stuff of fantasy, but in the computer realm it usually comes to fruition without real obstacles. This fantasy became true in the old... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 5.3 | Reviewed on Mar 04, 2015
Not another image viewer
Sometimes, you want to have all sorts of editing tools in one package. Yes, there's Photoshop and Illustrator but for the regular user, there's only the need for touch ups and batch editing. There are quite a few programs that deal with this need. Here's one of them. Selective editing... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 4.1 | Reviewed on Mar 02, 2015
Digital Chloride
Sometimes you realize that no matter what you try the adware just won't come off. Well, searching will eventually pay off. As it did in my case. A couple of months ago while installing something, I got click-happy and missed the fact that I had agreed to install a toolbar and some other... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.3 | Reviewed on Feb 27, 2015
Groundhog day for poultry and other critters
Ever since the old days of the nineteen-eighties, humans have been fascinated by the endeavors of a small creature crossing an environment that is most likely going to kill it. Frogger in 1981 sparked our interest in this morbid subject. But where the frog in Frogger finally managed to get to... Read full review

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