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Recent evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Feuer でわない
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.4.20 | Reviewed on Oct 18, 2016
Feuer でわない
I must confess that military equipment simulators never interested me very much... Oh wait. Yeah, I did play SU-27 Flanker and LHX some time in the distant past. However, once I got a proper gaming PC I focused on more story driven games than bone dry military stuff. So in part, my total lack of... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Coal and Iron at work
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.3 | Reviewed on Oct 10, 2016
Coal and Iron at work
Welcome to the Eighteen century Lancashire! A cradle for the eventual industrial boom that we call the Industrial revolution. Coal mines dot the land, Ironworks function day and night and water canals transport cotton towards their overseas destinations. As steam engines become common,... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Case in point
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0.0a | Reviewed on Oct 07, 2016
Case in point
Clickers. I never knew there was such a game "genre". So in essence, a clicker game is about tapping or clicking the screen or a certain area of the screen for an expected outcome. This is usually some form of upgrade or currency influx which will enable you to 'click' more efficiently... Read full review

Recent evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Shoddy Grip?
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.2.19 | Reviewed on Aug 31, 2016
Shoddy Grip?
If playing hockey at the local mall isn't enough, you can take the hobby to your tablet. Glow Hockey is as simple as it looks. Play solo against a decent AI or hotseat against another player. 7 goals and you win. The only problem is that player-pucks have a very coarse animation. Animation is... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Get sneaky
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 30, 2016
Get sneaky
Sick of worrying about the Government spying on you? Or rather want to trick your jogging app? The only solution is to get a position faker. Fake GPS Location makes use of the Android's developer feature that lets you use mock GPS positions. While proprietary Google apps won't be fooled by... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Nostalgia strikes!
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 29, 2016
Nostalgia strikes!
Remember the PSP? Well I do. I remember the first time I held it. Having such a powerful multimedia device in my hands felt quite amazing more than 10 years ago. However, time passed and the wonder of having 3D capabilities in small packages has worn off with the advent of tablets, phablets and... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Begging for likes
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.5 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
Begging for likes
Emulating their Xbox 360 games might sound good to the minimalist gamer. Why take up space with a console when you can run your games on the PC rig that never leaves your room. VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator appears to be such a solution. However, I'll never know since they shamefully force you to... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Quick check up
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.0 | Reviewed on Aug 24, 2016
Quick check up
Is your software up to date? I know Windows is update savvy, but what about the rest of your hardware? I often forget about keeping the components up to date. Maybe that's because I no longer use a desktop computer. But you should not be so careless. For a quick check-up on your computer... Read full review

Review Screenshot - No more hassle
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.1 | Reviewed on Aug 22, 2016
No more hassle
If you have the impression that you dialing app doesn't have enough features, then you might want to pay attention to this one. Not that Mr. Number is a fiesta of tools and features, but it has one that is lacking in most phones: call blocking. Mr. Number Call Block stops your phone from... Read full review

Review Screenshot - FindMe
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 19, 2016
Welcome to Another run of the mill calls and messaging app overview! Today we're looking at TextMe. My, I wonder how many variations of app names you can come up with... TextMe doesn't kid around. It only provides messaging and calling. You may invite people from your contact list but... Read full review

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