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Recent evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - The world at your fingertips
Editor's rating:
Version: Varies with device | Reviewed on Apr 18, 2016
The world at your fingertips
A good app can save you a lot of trouble while you&# re away in unmapped urban jungles. Not really unmapped, but you know what I mean. Just imagine that your guide left you alone to fend for yourself in a land where you don&# t know of either hotels, museums, or restaurants! Oh, no! There&# s... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Angst removed
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.9.5 | Reviewed on Apr 15, 2016
Angst removed
I always thought about a booking a hotel room to be the most strenuous part of planning a trip. Searching around the net for hotels, checking their position relative to my points of interest, then searching for booking offers was too much to consider without being left with a nagging feeling... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Expand your reading capabilities
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.0.3 | Reviewed on Apr 14, 2016
Expand your reading capabilities
Do you see those weird symbols made of lines or squares? They actually mean something! Alright, I&# ll stop kidding around. The Play Store is full of barcode scanner apps. This one has some interesting options. You can bulk scan, where the app saves codes as soon as it recognizes them... Read full review

Recent evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Is there a purpose to creation?
Editor's rating:
Version: Beta | Reviewed on Apr 12, 2016
Is there a purpose to creation?
Building towns and cities are some of the best themes for a sandbox game. Put yourself in the shoes of a perpetually elected mayor. What would ou do? Granted you are a moral person, the main concern would be the well being of the populace and having an eye on expansion. No missions and no goals... Read full review

Review Screenshot - We have incoming!
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.3 | Reviewed on Apr 08, 2016
We have incoming!
I know that most people don&# t hold the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy in very high esteem (although after seeing Episode VII, that might have changed). But do you remember that asteroid chase scene in Episode II? Well, I did when I tried playing Missiles! In Missiles! you steer a biplane in... Read full review

Review Screenshot - A constant reminder
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.1.5 | Reviewed on Apr 07, 2016
A constant reminder
How often do you find yourself taken by surprise by an event? You might have put a note in the calendar app but even so, that wasn&# t enough to prevent you planning something else instead. If you find yourself in this description or you just can&# t wait until Yule..I mean Christmas, installing... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Easy chargin'
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.0.0 | Reviewed on Apr 06, 2016
Easy chargin'
Screens are getting larger and brighter. The applications that run on them rival even the ones on the computer sometimes. How can a battery sustain such a demand for power? There&# s no denying that battery technology has advanced in the last decade but seeing that people sit for hours on end... Read full review

Review Screenshot - One more thing you have to worry about
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0 | Reviewed on Apr 05, 2016
One more thing you have to worry about
Self motivation is a quality that can get one far, no matter in what field. Fitness and well being is definitely one which requires quite a lot of self empowerment. If not for doing the required routines then abstaining from those high calorie foods we seem to love so much. Keeping tabs on... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Jump the sheep
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.2 | Reviewed on Apr 04, 2016
Jump the sheep
Mixing cuteness with high difficulty and dark humor seems to make a good recipe. Here we have a case of addition and subtraction, coated in a puzzle game that is a bit too disturbing for first graders. The land is in crisis. The islands are sinking and the sheep need to get to the lifeboats.... Read full review

Review Screenshot - The lazy man's solution
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Apr 01, 2016
The lazy man's solution
How often have you given up connecting to the WiFi because getting the password was somehow too uncomfortable, time consuming or simply hard to accomplish? I remember stretching myself beyond the sofa and trying to turn the router without disconnecting the wires while visiting my relatives. That... Read full review