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PDF creator for Windows
Download novaPDF now to create high-quality PDF files from any printable document. It's easy, fast and best of all free...
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Data backup software
Can you imagine what would happen if you lost all your data? Avoid nightmares by installing Backup4all to protect your data...
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Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.2.7 | Reviewed on Apr 27, 2015
The perfect mix of two pictures
Although some unpretentious image editing programs come with a lot of other features that help organizing a photo library, some do not. Why need browsing panels and batch conversion menus when all you need is to crop your friend out of a photo and put him on a weird background? Photo... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0 | Reviewed on Apr 24, 2015
Refreshingly cool!
Being fed up with racing games over the years has left me completely blind to any release, mobile or otherwise. But browsing today over what new free games might have appeared on Google Play, I stumbled across this little gem. Having played Smash Hit before promised me that these developers know... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.0e | Reviewed on Apr 22, 2015
Accessible professionalism
Purchasing a media package has become quite a rare event in the past years. As professional tools have become subscription based, it appears that the industry is adopting the MMO games model. Luckily for people who do not want a subscription in order to use a video editing program (and neither... Read full review

Recent evaluations from our editors

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.4.8 | Reviewed on Jan 08, 2015
Check your mark
Not sure how your old machine could handle that great new game that just came out? Do you want to give your new computer a spin and see how well it fares? Do you just want to see cool 3D animations? The answer to all these questions is: Get 3DMark! You will never look at your video card the same... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 8.1.3 | Reviewed on Jan 07, 2015
Play rip and burn
Since Winamp was almost abandoned, I started looking around for an alternative. Of course, Audacious and Amarok come to mind, but since nothing happened to good old Winamp, I lost interest in finding a suitable music player. Still, every time when I stumble upon a media player of sorts, I check... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 9.20 | Reviewed on Jan 06, 2015
Free compression!
Sending pictures in bulk over the net is difficult if you don't group them somehow. You would normally add them to an archive but what if you don't have anything that can create such a thing? Tired of trial periods and online archiving tools? Look no further because 7-Zip is your free ticket to... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Jan 05, 2015
Lossless(?) conversions
We sometimes need to send over document files and make sure they can be properly read on the other side. Re-sending a document because of format incompatibility might prove embarrassing if not catastrophic in some instances. The PDF (portable document format) is now a universally accepted medium... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.4 | Reviewed on Dec 30, 2014
Lightweight recording
If you ever need to show somebody something some amazing feat that's only visible on your desktop, then you wouldn't start recording your monitor with a video camera, or your phone. You would search the web for something quick and easy. Well, before you come to that need, why not arm your... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.2 | Reviewed on Dec 26, 2014
The fast and the reckless
I've often thought I could do better at Flappy Bird if would only had a bit of respite from time to time. You know, put down the phone, stretch a little, crack my knuckles and then get back in full force and avoid that tree stump. Well, today I was proved wrong. Today I stumbled across what I... Read full review

Editor's rating:
Version: 1.1.0 | Reviewed on Dec 24, 2014
Crush and maim!
In the generic fantasy world of [...] during one fine day, evil demons spurted out of the ground and started terrorizing the human world. Our scientists and historians have no clue to why this happened, but nonetheless, Damien, the human hero with a very inconspicuous name, rises to meet the... Read full review