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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - WannaCry Ransomware Protection
Editor's rating:
Version: 4012598 | Reviewed on May 19, 2017
WannaCry Ransomware Protection
WannaCry ransomware is the most aggressive malware attack launched so far, affecting users in more than 150 countries. The ransomware uses vulnerabilities in older Windows versions (starting with Windows 8 and down) which allows spreading like a worm in Windows-based networks. Once a computer is infected, all files are encrypted and the... Download

Review Screenshot - Presidential Helicopter Sim: Helicopter Simulator
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.6 | Reviewed on May 19, 2017
Presidential Helicopter Sim: Helicopter Simulator
Presidential Helicopter Sim puts you literally in the driving seat with the president relying on you to keep him safe and secure during his travels in and around the Capitol. The helicopter simulator is divided into a number of missions and you have to normally pick up the President and his associate from one place and drop him to another. With... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - City Builder Simulator
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.5 | Reviewed on May 19, 2017
City Builder Simulator
Developed by Vasco Games, City Builder 17 Police Station is a construction game in which you get to simulate constructing a police station. If you really are into construction games and like to build things from scratch, this city builder simulator app is made for you. If you like to control big and heavy machines like cement trucks and cranes,... Download

Review Screenshot - City Car Drift Racer
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.1 | Reviewed on May 18, 2017
City Car Drift Racer
City Car Drift Racer is a drift racer game geared towards car racing lovers. If you want an app which will keep you engaged with great car racing tracks, stylish cars, awesome car upgrades and fine storyline and gameplay, City Car—Drift Racer won't disappoint you at all. With a plethora of cars, tracks and gaming modes, the app has it all that... Download

Review Screenshot - Space Arena massive online multiplayer
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.7.0 | Reviewed on May 18, 2017 Space Arena massive online multiplayer Space Arena is an extremely wonderful shooter game set entirely in space. The game has a very simple premise and its wonderfully easy to get started. The goal is simple and that is to survive the longest in space, have the biggest fleet and destroy and annihilate every other fleet that comes in your path. If you have a thing for... Download

Review Screenshot - Geo TV App-Keeping You Updated with all the Happenings in Pakistan
Editor's rating:
Version: 7.1.3 | Reviewed on May 17, 2017
Geo TV App-Keeping You Updated with all the Happenings in Pakistan
Geo TV is one of the biggest news media channels in Pakistan and is renowned for its sharp though sometimes controversial coverage of news from all around the country. The Geo TV app is designed with the purpose of never letting you miss out on the affairs of the country and the world even when you are not watching the news channel on TV. If... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Justice League Action Run: Running Game
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.08 | Reviewed on May 17, 2017
Justice League Action Run: Running Game
Just League Action Run is Warner Bros. International's offering and it's a great option for DC lovers who can't get enough of the heroes and the villains. If you like games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run but are bored of the similar styles and lack of storyline, Justice League Action Run is the running game which would prove a great... Download

Review Screenshot - Muslim Pro, the most popular Muslim app
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on May 15, 2017
Muslim Pro, the most popular Muslim app
Muslim Pro: Ramadan 2017 is a religious app that gives you the chance to find out prayer timings and Qibla direction wherever in the world you are. If you are a practicing Muslim and want to keep up with your religion on the go, Muslim Pro: Ramadan 2017 should be your go-to app. The app comes with a plethora of features and it basically has... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Photo Editor
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5 | Reviewed on May 10, 2017
Photo Editor
Photo Collage- Photo Editor is your regular photo editing app that allows you to add stickers to your photos and create collages. If you are in for an app that lets you make cute collages with beautiful themes, Photo Collage-Photo Editor would prove a good app. It is extremely easy to use with a very upfront and simple layout. If a simple and... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Precision Tapping
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.030 | Reviewed on May 09, 2017
Precision Tapping
It's interesting how the arrival of a new form of user interface has spawned an entire genre of games. Just as top down strategy games were inconceivable before the 'mouse', tapping games would have been rather weird before the hand-held screen and touch controls. Theme is usually an excuse in a tapping game. In Tap Tap Dash it is also... Continue to app