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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - No hassle
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.1.5 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
No hassle
I remember the early days of playing video files on my PC. It was a sort of a ritual. I'd open the file, read the error message, search the net for the missing codec or plug-in and then retry. However, those days are pretty much gone now. Media players in this day and age can usually handle every file format. Switching from player to player, I... Download

Review Screenshot - Freebies!
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.8 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Are you tired of stumbling over apps that are actually charging you for downloading them? Are you tired of getting excited about something neat and new only to plummet into the depths of sorrow when you realize it has a price tag? In that case you may have just stumbled upon a solution! Here you can explore the wonderful world of apps and... Download

Review Screenshot - The stars are right!
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5.3 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
The stars are right!
Being that today's equinox new moon eclipse, it is only natural that a great old one is about to invade our reality and put an end to our world as we know it. Unless you want Cthulhu for president, you better grab your gear, form an investigating team and face the unspeakable evil that is pouring into our dimension. Welcome to the Cthulhu... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Life is frail
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.9.2a | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Life is frail
You have chosen the most dangerous line of work. Dungeon delving is probably profitable, but it is certainly more dangerous than trading. Your initiation will have you explore a multi-layered dungeon. Coincidentally, this will also be your biggest adventure and most likely your final resting place. This is how playing a rogue-like feels. Your... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - If tiles aren't enough for you
Editor's rating:
Version: 2015 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
If tiles aren't enough for you
An antivirus program that looks like a miniature Windows 8 interface has been spotted in the Spanish wilderness. Although the name Panda would suggest a different ancestry, this one is fairly anchored in the European space. Nevertheless this is not relevant in any way. Prevention Panda Antivirus Free has interesting interface. It is mainly a... Download

Review Screenshot - Keep your spending in check
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.7 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Keep your spending in check
I sometimes wonder how much I get to spend on different things. It's not that I carelessly throw money out the window (except for the occasional Kickstarter project). Still, having a libertine budget policy makes saving money difficult and keeping tabs on your spending habits nearly impossible. Knowing that there must be a digital solution to... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - MS Office too expensive?
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.1.1 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
MS Office too expensive?
Imagine you have just set up your first Windows PC. Do you need the MS Office suite? Nah, you can do without it. Besides you're not going to start paying a subscription just to be able to write documents. Since when has that become subscription based anyway? Also $400 for an Office package seems to be jumping the shark a bit. Days pass, you... Download

Review Screenshot - Your picture collection on steroids
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.9 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Your picture collection on steroids
Having lots of pictures on your hard drive can get problematic at some point. With the advent of digital photography, people no longer have the care they once had when cameras were holding 24 shot film rolls. Imagine, there was a time when you actually had to take care how many pictures you would take and then make a trip to a photo shop (no,... Download

Review Screenshot - Cards Against Authority
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.15 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Cards Against Authority
Space, the final frontier. Well I frankly think that mind or soul might be further along the discovery track. But returning to our subject, here we have a neat card game that has caught the world by storm. My world at least. What do you think about building a space empire, establishing trading routes, developing an economy, exploring space,... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Groundhog day for poultry and other critters
Editor's rating:
Version: 6.1.0 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Groundhog day for poultry and other critters
Ever since the old days of the nineteen-eighties, humans have been fascinated by the endeavors of a small creature crossing an environment that is most likely going to kill it. Frogger in 1981 sparked our interest in this morbid subject. But where the frog in Frogger finally managed to get to safety after crossing a highway and a river, the... Continue to app