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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Animated characters are allowed candy
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.39.0 | Reviewed on Nov 25, 2016
Animated characters are allowed candy
The Play Store gets its fair share of puzzlers each day, or probably week. Few of those manage to rise to the general audience's attention though. To do that a game should be balanced in terms of difficulty and at the same time pleasing to the eye. Eye Candy Cut the Rope 2 centered around the character Om Nom, a ball like green creature with... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Super-Anti-Fragilistic
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.43.1000 | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
As far as I can tell, I think I started liking small straight to the point apps for my computer. Do it all's might be good but they usually come with one of two problems attached to them. They're either expensive, or they're not very reliable. Therefore, an application that focuses on a narrow aspect of computer security might be the best of... Download

Review Screenshot - Keep it hidden!
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.2.1 | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
Keep it hidden!
Since every gadget in the life of a person has grown eyes in front and the back, nothing is safe any more. We all know that governments spy on people but why would we want our own friends to do the same? Gallery Lock is a solution for hiding pictures on devices that change hands. If you keep pictures on a shared tablet, then you might not want... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Prying eyes
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
Prying eyes
Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a high up jet plane flying away to some distant place? Curiosity is a hallmark of the human spirit. Don't tell me that you've never wondered where do those white trails lead to. With Flightradar24 you can now find out. Flightradar24 tracks all civilian flights that are soaring through our world's... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Learning toaster
Editor's rating:
Version: 8.7.0 | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
Learning toaster
Chatting online with others might be fun for a while but when people become too stereotypical for your tastes, switching to a chat bot might not be such a big change of pace. SimSimi is primarily a chatbot. That is it presents itself as a regular chatting interface but your interlocutor is represented a series of algorithms all culminating... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Concept!
Editor's rating:
Version: 6.01.01 | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
Concept maps are a good way to put thought to paper... to ones and zeroes in this case. If you ever started thinking up something more complex than say... "me hungry." you would see that breaking up your idea into linked concept bubbles can help you expand on it easier and also make it more readable to others. CmapTools is designed for... Download

Review Screenshot - Sharing is caring
Editor's rating:
Version: 364.2.2 | Reviewed on Nov 23, 2016
Sharing is caring
Long gone are the days when I'd share my cracked games folders with my neighborhood friends. In those times we had to draw coaxial cables from window to window. Kids these days have it too easy. With the dawn of high speed Internet connections, the phenomenon of cloud sharing was an inevitability. Dropbox is the most popular example of the... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - They Live(?)
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5 | Reviewed on Nov 23, 2016
They Live(?)
Don't you think that your desktop is starting to get boring? Static windows that need to be dragged around by your mouse cursor only to remain where they're put... This is totally uninteresting. Fly on Desktop is a a very small application that performs the very necessary task of generating up to some fifty virtual flies that wander around on... Download

Review Screenshot - Simplify your life
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 23, 2016
Simplify your life
With the dawn of smart phones, tablets and phablets(!) using a single messaging app has become an increasingly difficult challenge. Past are the days when Yahoo messenger and Skype ruled the internets. I shouldn't idolize them, they were pretty buggy back then. And they hold true to that tradition still. The reference to the character of the... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Subtelty
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 23, 2016
Camo green is a color scheme choice that I would like to see made more often. Lately Internet security apps have become too flamboyant. Bright colors, fancy diagonal lines and big animated circles are apparently a requirement for any decent security program. Indeed eye candy can be a selling point but unfortunately this trend makes apps look... Download