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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Tapping objects for Christmas
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.46 | Reviewed on Nov 18, 2016
Tapping objects for Christmas
It's time to test your spirit of observation. After all, without sufficient training how will you be able to spot the presents underneath the tree? Just like the Thanksgiving version, Hidden Object Christmas Magic features a set of intricate pictures with carefully placed objects all over them. You get to choose hint difficulty (picture,... Download

Review Screenshot - Modern doodling
Editor's rating:
Version: 3D | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Modern doodling
Kids are naturally curious. Some grown-ups are too, but that is a rarer occurrence in our time. Anyway, as soon as a child sees what wonderful creations you can make in your CAD application, there's only reasonable to find a way to allow the young ling to experiment with digital art creation. Here it is: Kid Pix 3D is not a game. It is has... Download

Review Screenshot - Feast for the ears
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Feast for the ears
If you haven't heard of Soundcloud before, then I should probably bring you up to speed. Soundcloud is an online social platform where posts are sounds, usually audio tracks. More specifically, it is a place where musicians share their work with the world in the truest non-selfish way. Now if you really want to explore it, then I suggest you... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - CC in review
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.3.1 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
CC in review
As an American parent, you should have heard by now that a set of guidelines has been established in order for your kid to be as dumbed down as possible once it comes out of the education assembly line. It's called Common Core and has sparked some serious debate. But who cares, right? Let these paranoid freaks bark along with the anti-vaxers.... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Tablet Television
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.11 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Tablet Television
The days of satellite TV are long past. Not that they were ever real, but people still needed to install antenna dishes to receive the programming... I mean TV channels. With the advent of high speed Internet connection, the old ways of distribution (be it airwaves or coaxial cables) will soon become history. GLWiZ is a subscription based IPTV... Download

Review Screenshot - Sharing without caring
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Sharing without caring
Xender is a tool for transferring files and apps between devices of all kind. A supple interface allows creating share groups on mobile devices, groups that other devices can connect to. Files and apps can be sent to a queue which will be sent to all group members and downloaded automatically. Apk files can also be installed directly from the... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Digitized Gospel
Editor's rating:
Version: 6.3.2 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Digitized Gospel
Having the Holy Book at hand is a given for many religious people. How nice that with the power of hand held technology, carrying a Bible around does no longer imply that you carry a physical book. YouVersion Bible (or Bible app for short) is much more than an e-book reader that can only display a single book. Firstly while reading you can... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - We have time for a committee
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.3.0 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
We have time for a committee
Race games usually require a lot of concentration, especially if they emulate reality really good. This kind of puts me off, especially if they play on a tablet. You can imagine then how delightful I was when I found out about Turn Based Racing. All the drama of an intense race in a step by step manner! At the speed of the index finger... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Great fortunes await!
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.2 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Great fortunes await!
Does the ocean fascinate you? Have you ever wondered what treasures and secrets might lie hidden deep beneath layers of salty water? Well if you didn't you'd better snap out of it. Quit dreaming about outer space and be more pragmatic for goodness' sake! Deep Loot is an exploration game. You start off as corpulent bald diver with only his red... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Sleeping alright?
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.3 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Sleeping alright?
Games where you control a character that needs to endlessly advance through some sort of obstacle course are fairly often. What is not often encountered is games with character, if you get my drift. In Endless Doves you will have the task of disturbing the main character's beauty sleep session by tapping on the screen once. The problem is that... Continue to app