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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Field Astrologist
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.8 | Reviewed on Aug 26, 2016
Field Astrologist
You are on the train and it just so happens that you urgently require an astrology report. Crisis ensues! But wait, you draw your phone. Battery level is at 13%. You consider your chances and decide to go for it. You turn on your data connection, battery instantly drops to 12%. You open the Play Store and wait for it to load…11%. You tap the... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - A breakthrough from VoIP apps
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
A breakthrough from VoIP apps
I would really love to write while listening to Joanna Newsom, but for all intents and purposes this is utterly difficult since when you leave me alone… I mean I keep writing lyrics instead of relevant information. That is enough publicity for this extremely talented musician. Time to talk business. For example it is bad business to neglect... Download

Review Screenshot - Log me in Scotty
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
Log me in Scotty
A friend and I once wanted to play some multi-player games. So we sprung a cable out the window and set up a makeshift network. But it isn't always that easy. Now, with the internet it has become quite common to communicate and share files via online sites and web messengers. But what about those good old games that only worked on a LAN? What... Download

Review Screenshot - A Rant
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
A Rant
I love the feeling when I am suddenly notified of something I need to pay attention to. What I don't like is being constantly reminded about how lucky I am that someone is keeping an eye on my activities. You see, I value discretion and seamless integration. Let's take mobile security apps for instance. What's the point of having a permanent... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Ship Shape
Editor's rating:
Version: 8.2.1 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
Ship Shape
I have always wondered if there was an Android app that could keep all of the other apps from chewing on the power cables…err, I mean eating up my phone's precious resources. I never imagined I would find it while looking for a desktop phone management tool. Quite the synchronicity, don't you think? Leaving it aside, MobileGo (for Android) is... Download

Review Screenshot - Begging for likes
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.5 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
Begging for likes
Emulating their Xbox 360 games might sound good to the minimalist gamer. Why take up space with a console when you can run your games on the PC rig that never leaves your room. VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator appears to be such a solution. However, I'll never know since they shamefully force you to promote them on social media in order to download... Download

Review Screenshot - Centralization!
Editor's rating:
Version: 10 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
How often have you found yourself asking friends left and right for the pictures they promised to send you? Of course, during a party everybody thinks they'll be ready and apt to send their photos to your e-mail address as soon they'll get home. Right! That rarely happens, and is generally less likely to happen the more their brains get bathed... Download

Review Screenshot - Of course you’re beautiful!
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.369.0 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
Of course you’re beautiful!
Narcissism is becoming quite popular these days with the advent of social media. "Selfie" has become a well-known word and Facebook is probably the largest depository of self-taken mug shots on Earth (if we discount any other CIA database). Why do people post selfies? Most likely they need to prove that they were really standing in their own... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - A helping hand
Editor's rating:
Version: 11.6.27 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
A helping hand
What is the best thing you can hope for when studying for a general knowledge and current affairs exam? I mean the best thing besides a Ganesha intervention. Generally speaking, divine interventions are seldom these days and not a good bet overall. Therefore it is probably wiser to hope for a GK Android app to fall into your lap as it is a... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - The One
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.2.2 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2016
The One
If you have ever been tired of the plain old Android browser, then you have probably experimented with others in the search of the one true browser experience. Alas some offer too little whereas others offer too much and for no particular reason. The feel of despair may overwhelm you but you should not lose hope. You shouldn't fall on your... Download