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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Running from something?
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Jun 09, 2016
Running from something?
Risky Road takes a simple yet original premise to make an infinite... driving game. A all terrain truck is transporting a big egg that for some reason is not secured in any way. I would imagine that the driver did not have time to tie it down for the fear of what the original owner would do if they'd catch him. Whether that original owner is an... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Don't bump your head
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Jun 08, 2016
Don't bump your head
You might remember Agar, that wacky arena multiplayer game , better known as, because that's the actual web address where you can find it. In the same vein, is an arena game where you will be controlling a snake (as opposed to a blob) in search of food pellets. These pellets are either spawned around and can be picked up at... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Artistic demolition
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.1 | Reviewed on Jun 07, 2016
Artistic demolition
A vehicle with a medievalist flair is set loose upon unsuspecting idyllic settlements. A car equipped with a giant flail is a perfect recipe for destruction. As long as you can smash whatever building is unfortunate enough to be located near your rampage area, you're doing fine. Be careful not to crash yourself though. The driver is required... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Running Real Estate
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Jun 06, 2016
Running Real Estate
Let me guess, you found the idea of TheoTown interesting but after a while felt like you'd want something with more meat on the bone. I have just the fix you need. It's called Suburbia, and it's a delightful tile laying game of hexagonal proportions. In Suburbia you will be trying to attract as much population as possible to your fledgling... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Perpetual motion
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.1 | Reviewed on Jun 01, 2016
Perpetual motion
There are times when I'd like to waste time playing on my tablet but I'm too lazy to move my fingers tapping. To be totally honest, I feel too lazy right now. But for your convenience I'll make an effort and present to you a game in which you have very little to do. Rugged Rovers is a game about designing an exploration rover that can handle... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Frame it
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.5 | Reviewed on May 30, 2016
Frame it
Photoshine is the lazy man's help for framing photos. It consists of a hefty collection of backgrounds that can feature one, two or three slots for inserting photos and other images. Each slot can contain a different image which is somewhat editable. They can be resized while keeping the aspect ratio and can also suffer three types of effects:... Download

Review Screenshot - Personal finances taken cared of
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on May 30, 2016
Personal finances taken cared of
Getting around to write about something useful is probably...useful indeed. Notwishtanding, although my endeavors in finding the perfect app have since yelded some results. I'm still at a loss. Nah, I'm just kidding. However, I did find the perfect finance app. Fast Budget is a speedy personal finance app that is totally free, unless you go... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Don't forget!
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on May 26, 2016
Don't forget!
It's not that I'd forget my head if it weren't attached, but I must admit I do lose umbrellas more often than anything else. In any case, Todoist is not about prevention of lost items, but it deals with a problem that most of us have. A busy schedule. Todoist allows you to record tasks under projects, which are basically categories like... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Permanent Equalizing
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.1 | Reviewed on May 25, 2016
Permanent Equalizing
Perfect audio balance can be achieved. The question is: Are you leaving it up to YouTube to balance your audio track or do you put the matter into your hand? Bass Treble Booster is a simple tool for modifying the audio spectrum settings of... you guessed it: audio files. The interface shows a standard equalizer which sets the desired levels... Download

Review Screenshot - Antiquated but fitting
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0 | Reviewed on May 24, 2016
Antiquated but fitting
The one and only Chess! Well, not really. Besides the fact that I know of the existence of other ancient Chess versions (I've also played Shôgi, mind you), our well known Chess has seen some variations over the years. From Bobby Fisher's set-up to the tactical Raindrop Chess and Richard Garfield's wacky example of Rando-Chess (where you roll a... Download