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The evaluations from our editors

Review Screenshot - Evil Blackguard?
Editor's rating:
Version: 50.101 | Reviewed on Sep 22, 2016
Evil Blackguard?
Boom Beach puts another skin on the overused freemium concept, and that is the skin of beach assaults. Besides the standard upgrade-able buildings, in Boom Beach you will also need to construct and maintain an assault force. Your base is located in an archipelago. Discovering and conquering this archipelago is essentially what you are supposed... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Resource conversion
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.60.216 | Reviewed on Sep 21, 2016
Resource conversion
In Hay Day, you will be managing a slowly developing farm in order to provide different produce to the community, trade with others and make money. This casual freemium game revolves around buying farming plots and enclosures and populating them with crops and animals. What's actually surprising (for this type of game) is that there are actual... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Clash of Yawns
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.0.517 | Reviewed on Sep 20, 2016
Clash of Yawns
So what is it this time? Clash of... Lords. Yeah, that's it. Latching on the ever popular hype of Clash of Clans , developer IGG.COM decided to join in the social base building and base thrashing strategy game genre. You will notice that this game has a very similar feel and play stile to the original CoC . That is not a coincidence. In Clash... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Aye Tunes
Editor's rating:
Version: 12.1 | Reviewed on Sep 19, 2016
Aye Tunes
You can't deny that you've never tried iTunes at least once. At least because you bought an iPod or the like. While common mp3 players were being accessed as easily as any flash memory drive, the content of an iPod could only be correctly read by Apple's own iTunes. That being said, iTunes is a chance of experiencing a bit of Mac specific user... Download

Review Screenshot - Inner space
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
Inner space
So your SIM card is older than mother Earth itself and your SD memory card has seen more phone entrails than it would be happy to admit. Usually at those flash memory dinner parties that it goes off to while you're sleeping. Imagine the thick data jungle that your phone must be holding. Hundreds of contacts, dozens of message conversations, a... Download

Review Screenshot - Wink, wink
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.6.7596 | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
Wink, wink
As technology advances and portable screens get bigger, there is a growing chance that people will want to communicate verbally and visually. Getting an app that handles this type of communication will always be handy. Getting the Tango app will also put you in touch with more people. Tango, much like other communication apps on Android... Download

Review Screenshot - Tap and forget
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0.7 | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
Tap and forget
With less than a week until St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd take a worry off my head and present something thematically appropriate. Yet appropriate is a forced word since there are multiple versions of Bubble Blast, such as Valentine or Halloween. Yet if your requirements are only skin deep, having pots of gold in lieu of bats, hearts and... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - The lazy man's solution
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
The lazy man's solution
How often have you given up connecting to the WiFi because getting the password was somehow too uncomfortable, time consuming or simply hard to accomplish? I remember stretching myself beyond the sofa and trying to turn the router without disconnecting the wires while visiting my relatives. That granted me access to the internet, but I... Download

Review Screenshot - Why not use a real keyboard?
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
Why not use a real keyboard?
There are times when you stare at your phone, messaging away and ignoring everything else. There are also times when you stare at your phone while sitting in front of your computer. Yet you can't ignore your computer, because there's important stuff happening on the screen, most of the time anyway. Well, it would be nice if all messengers were... Continue to app

Review Screenshot - Can't Android be left alone?
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.3.5 | Reviewed on Sep 16, 2016
Can't Android be left alone?
The market for 3rd party system tools has gotten quite large over the last few years. Since phones, tablets and phablets(?) have slowly become more like computers people are now associating them with computers. And what do we know about computers? Well, we know they require anti-virus software, system security software, registry cleaner... Download